Cosmic Tone Busking

Cosmic Tone instruments are lovingly handcrafted, high quality and unique musical instruments, which inspire musical creativity.  The instruments combine aspects of rhythm and easy to play scales which make them excellent for those who are new to music.  Cosmic Tone instruments are produced to a quality standard which enables musicians and sound therapists to use them in professional performance and studio settings.  People with all levels of musical ability will find satisfaction playing a Cosmic Tone instrument.

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Creator, James Byrne, has played musical instruments from a young age.  As a qualified music teacher, James saw a need for musical instruments which are easy and intuitive to play, which will allow people to connect to the music that they have inside!  Inspired by the design of the ‘hank drum’ by Dennis Havlena, James began to develop his own design and tunings. 

People around the world are now enjoying playing Cosmic Tone drums, and the musical and therapeutic benefits they have to offer.  From musicians to sound healers, schools, yoga teachers, children and the elderly.  Cosmic Tone instruments will allow you to intuitively play the music from within.